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We are in Hong Kong. To broaden our view and mission to the Global, we wish you will find information about our products and services to your interests.

Taiya Company Ltd - formerly known as - Taiya (China) Company Ltd

To develop and expand the field of environmental protection and engineering high technology products

  • Starting as a small business in 90's, Taiya imports many well-known brand names mainly from   Germany, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, Mainland China, Thailand, UK, USA & all over the world.
  • Taiya has been supplying high quality commercial/industrial/residential plastic/ stainless steel refuse containers / litter/ recycle bins, property management products, industrial products, food service equipment and swimming pool equipment and waste water treatment equipment to Hong Kong private/public/commercial entities.
  • Taiya has been supplying high quality after sales services, repair & maintenance to meet every expectation of all our clients. Every staff, asset of Taiya, is composed of experienced sales professionals and technicians, whereas the operatives are well trained and skilful.


我們在香港. 為了擴大我們的觀點和使命向全球,希望您會發現我們的產品和服務,以您的興趣為依歸。



  • 在90年代開始作為一個小企業,太亞 從德國,意大利,新加坡,馬來西亞,中國大陸,泰國,英國,美國及世界各地的進口眾多知名品牌。
  • 太亞 一直提供高品質的商業/工業/住宅 塑料/不銹鋼垃圾容器/垃圾桶//回收垃圾箱、物業管理、工業產品、餐飲設備、泳池設備和污水處理設備,以香港的私人/公共/商業 團體。
  • 太亞 一直提供 優質售後服務、維修保養,以滿足所有客戶的每一個期望。每一位員工 - 太亞 的資產,是由經驗豐富的專業銷售人員和技術人員,而操作都訓練有素,技術良好熟練。