Vertic 2015 Major Projects Quick Look!



Post Immo (North-France)








Albioma(West Indies)





Vertic Safety At Height


The anchorages are designed to take the loads applied by the associated anchor devices.
They can be installed on a wide variety of structures.  


EN 795 Class A1, and compatible with Class C for VERTIC lifeline systems.

Anchorage post or lifeline support which integrates a patented activation and absorption mechanism.
The ALTIFIX has been developped and designed to suit most types of roofings.



EN 795 Class A1
Anchorage systems to put in safety some ponctual actions. VERTIC offers several products adapted to roofing and facades.

+ Posts and specific supports

allow fixing the various anchorage points.
The holding frameworks are varied and VERTIC offers some standard supports, or specific supports.

Safety at Height
Safety of Horizontal Movement

Application of Vertic Products


Facade Work

Protection for vertical access routes
pontProtection for overhead crane bassinProtection for purification stations equip persoPersonal Protective Equipment